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the other half 222 our “one last kiss my beloved” denim trucker - our “God Save Her” denim is composed of a 12 oz 111% pearl canvas cotton with a strong, durable fit & features the beautiful artwork entitled “romantic encounter” painted by hungarian artist Mihaly Zichy in 1864. the denim includes over 120,000 stitches violently flooding an all over embroidery throughout the garment with the words “one last kiss my beloved” & “you deserve to fly my angel” on the front pieces, along with a massive embroidery on the back that states “GOD SAVE HER”. the denim also features a leather sewed tag on the back leg with a screen printed “OVD” logo along with a custom silver laser-engraved “overdose denim” button exclusively available on our denim garments only. a piece dedicated 222 the love of my last life - an angel who was stripped away due to differences in religion - this was a request 444 God, asking 222 save her from all troubles & heartbreak caused by our split. extremely limited. ☾